Password Management 
From a Security Company
We've spent years battling threats and protecting our security product customers and have build that culture into KeyStore.
Mary Green, Miami FL
“KeyStore was easy to setup and helped me feel safer knowing that my credit cards are safe.”
Your data is safe with Keystore. Not only is it securely encrypted with your master password, by design the password list never leaves your computer and is shared between browser and Keystore in a secure fashion on your local device. We never receive a copy of your master key, password list, or any other data. 
We protect you from breaches and other threats.
Alerts you to security breaches
Protects you from phishing
Protects your data from keyloggers
Keystore alerts you about password breaches and other security problems with your Keystore items.
You can fool a human, but you can’t fool Keystore. It only fills your account details on the sites where you saved them.
Keystore uses secure input fields to prevent other tools from knowing what you type in it, including your Master Password.

Reusing the
same password?

Our minds were not meant to remember an 8-letter-plus-number-and-special-character-and-don't-forget to-capitalize-one-letter-randomly, password. So we have a tendency to reuse the same long and difficult password on many sites, this leads to all accounts being compromised if a single one of those sites has a breach. KeyStore fixes this
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