The easiest way to manage passwords.
Just remember your master password and KeyStore keeps you secure with high entropy secure passwords..
1. Download Keystore (for Free!)
Install Keystore to begin creation of your secure vault.
3. Explore Keystore
password manager.
Add new passwords, store identification documents, get to know Keystore, your digital vault.
2. Pick a strong master password.
Your master password secures all passwords and other items stored in Keystore's Vault.
4. Browser Integration
Keystore offers integrations with the most popular browsers on the market, you can find our extensions in the relevant browser store or within Keystore.

Reusing the
same password?

Our minds were not meant to remember an 8-letter-plus-number-and-special-character-and-don't-forget to-capitalize-one-letter-randomly, password. So we have a tendency to reuse the same long and difficult password on many sites, this leads to all accounts being compromised if a single one of those sites has a breach. KeyStore fixes this
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